I am not a fan of serum for some reasons. I remember using a serum some years back but it gave me bad facial reactions. The serum didn’t help my face rather it caused more problems.

I have heard from a friend that serums are good for the face and I couldn’t resist trying out this new information. My friend’s face is so flawless and she wears make-up like every day.

I got hold of this Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum. I bought it for 350kr from Lancôme store at Åhlens City.

I have been using the serum for two weeks now. After cleansing my face every night before I go to bed and in the morning, I massage drops of the serum into my face. I always woke up with an oily face but I have noticed that every time I use the serum before I go to bed my face doesn’t produce oil in the morning when I wake up.

My face looks better than it was two weeks ago, moisturised, soft, clearer, and a youthful look. I bought the 20ml and they have the bigger content. But I wanted to try out the product so it is advisable to buy the smaller bottle. The serum comes in a beautiful bottle and can last for 12months. A good hydrating youth activating serum for your face. So if you are looking for a good serum, Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum got you. I have tried and tested it. This is one of Lancôme products that I like. Previously not a fan of their products, now a BIG fan. 💙❤💛

What are your thoughts? Have you used this serum and do you like it?


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