All Mac Makeup Review

Hello, lovely people, hur mar du? or How are you? A little Swedish language lesson for you.

So, Mac is one of the best make-up brands for women of colour. I have been using Mac for the past 4 years. I have a different experience with the brand, at first, I was given the wrong match (lighter shade) that made me look like I was wearing a mask. Next, I get a little oily in the T-zone, I was given the product that won’t stay long on the face, that particular foundation usually melts on my face. It was a bad experience 😄. Thirdly, I was given a wrong primer which didn’t hold my make-up for long.

With time, I got to know better the right Mac foundation and powder that match my face. Mac may not have it all for me but I hope they improve with time.

The products I used to achieve this look are listed below:

  • Mac Prep+Prime
  • Mac Prep+Prime Extend Eye base.
  • Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Spf15 (NW43).
  • Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Spf15 (NC50).
  • Mac Studio Finish Concealer Spf35 (NW40).
  • Mac Spiked Eyebrow Pencil.
  • Tara Eyeshadow (Dudu).
  • Mac Loose Powder (NC40)
  • Mac Shimmer Blush (Sweet as Cocoa).
  • Mac Mineralize SkinFinish ( Gold Deposit).
  • Mac Studio Fix Powder (NW44).
  • Mac Matte Lipsticks (Enchanted One & Antique Velvet).
Mac Collection

To start with, I like Mac because they virtually have stores in different big cities and they have products for women of colour. In Sweden where I live, it is usually very difficult for me to find a foundation for darker skin tones. I have even written an email to Estee Lauder last two to months to know why they don’t ship foundations for black women to Sweden. I received a not so good reply, though. But I have changed my mind about using Estee Lauder foundation till I start seeing my shade in their desk in Åhlens. Estee Lauder and other make-up brands in Sweden should know that there are black women living here, not everyone here is blonde. We want to use their products also and they don’t even ship to Sweden from their offices in the US or the UK.

Anyway, so I used Mac Primer for the Skin to prime my face. I would say that their primer is not one of the best primers, especially for oily skin. But it is manageable if you will wear the make-up for few hours or you can mix it with better primers (I will put up a post on the best primers for your skin)

Mac Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment, Mac Prep+Prime Extend Eye base

I apply the Mac 24-hr eye base primer on my eyelids and allow it to dry for few seconds.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Spf15 (NW43 & NC50).

Next, with my Sigma brush, I apply my Mac Foundation in NW45 and NC50. I combine the foundation to get my shade. NW45 has a warm undertone while NC50 gives a yellow undertone, so mixing the two gives me a better shade. If you find your perfect shade without having to mix two foundations, go for it 💃💃💃.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer Spf35 (NW40).

To highlight my under eye, I use the Mac Concealer in NW40 to cover my dark, puffy or dull under eye. I also highlight my nose, forehead, and chin. I usually use my finger to do this. I set it with the Mac Loose powder and have it on for few minutes while I apply the eyeshadow, draw my brow with the Mac brow pencil (spike), my mascara follows immediately. I dust off the loose powder and set my face with my Mac Mineralize SkinFinish powder.

Mac Shimmer Blush (Sweet as Cocoa), Mac Mineralize SkinFinish ( Gold Deposit), Mac Mineralize SkinFinish powder (Sweet as Cocoa)

With my brush, I apply the Mac Shimmer Blush (Sweet as Cocoa) on my cheek bone. The Mac Mineralize SkinFinish ( Gold Deposit) is deposited on my high cheeks.

Mac Matte Lipsticks (Enchanted One & Antique Velvet)

For my 1 or 2 picture above.

1. I used Mac Matte Lipsticks ( Antique Velvet & Enchanted One).

2. Applied only Mac lipstick (Antique Velvet).


Remember that make-up is an art and an expression.




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