My New Year Resolution

It’s that time of the year to make our resolutions. What are your resolutions for 2016?
It’s not just resolutions but also it’s time to make more beautiful plans about our future. What are your plans?

Yesterday I made a list of my plans for the future, what I plan to achieve in the long run. I plan to finish some of the great things I started in the last year 2015 and then start new ones this year.


What is your plan? It is important to have one. Just as it is important to have a cv before you can apply for a job same way it is good to have a guide/plan for your life.

Now, new year resolutions.  Most times there are things that we try to change or try to make better or even best. Most resolutions can be about changing our ugly behaviour or attitudes to more pleasant ones😀. Whichever way, resolutions should be kept. Yes, don’t promise yourself and then fail to keep it.  Better than not having one.😃😃.

So this year, I have started my training at the gym nearby where I will train for the next one year.

Healthy eating is important,  so my diet has changed to more healthy food. I really need to go back to size 6. 😉😉

This year, I have promised myself enough love and care. I will shower myself with all the love in the world.

I hope to make more friends and meet more people. Inspiring, outgoing, intelligent, friendly, loving, caring, outspoken, outstanding, and …

This year I have named it my year of divine favour. I wish you all a beautiful, wonderful, loving, caring, and fun year. May we be filled with joy, love and gladness. May all our beautiful dreams come true!!💞💖

May we find love in beautiful places and among beautiful people with beautiful hearts.

Keep loving, keep living. 😍



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