White flakes in Sweden

So today we had some snow in Stockholm. Yeahhhhhhh. Finally a vit/ white Christmas in Stockholm.






O snow please stay, don’t let the sun melt you away. Stay and lighten the whole city, make everywhere and everything you touch white. Glow O snow.

You lighten the depressed, you lighten the dark days of winter, you lighten our hearts.

I love the sound when I walk on you, the shuffling sound; sho sho sho. I love when you fall on me like tiny stars ❄❄❄.

Now you are here, the kids can play. We can mould you into balls and hit each other with ringing laughter and joy. Let’s make a new ⛄. It’s that time of the year to look out of the window to behold you glow.

Oh, snow. Oh, Sverige. Oh-oh-oh.

Merry Christmas.



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