My Husband’s Ex 2

Pregnancy tests from the hospital. Iyke’s joy knew no bound, he was going to be a father, “I am going to be a father, to an inter-racial child. Oh, how wonderful, what a great news to end the day,  Ike repeatedly showed his excitement. “A good news to relax my mind after a hectic day at the office, my oga questioned everything I did today”, he grinned mischievously.

That night, he put a call to Nigeria, to speak to his family and friends. It was a good news that should be shared with friends and family. Ring! Ring! “Mama, my wife is pregnant, you will soon have a grandson Mama!” , he sounded repeatedly to his mother. Within few hours, Ike has spread the news to every member of his family back home in Nigeria. All his well-wishers must hear this, the extended family were also included in his joy.  The family will be expecting a new inclusion in few months.

It turned out to be a joyous evening for the whole family of Ikejike. They danced around in wild jubilation. Before darkness descends, family and friends have gathered in their compound to celebrate.

Chy, please go and buy more drinks from the shop at Eke market, echoed the elder brother, Mazi Uba to his younger daughter, Chidinma but who he prefers to call Chy, shortened name.

Indeed, visitors kept trooping in and out of the Ikejike’s compound. The Ikejike’s are an average Igbo family, although not so rich and at the same time not so poor. They have experienced hardships during the civilian war that engulfed the country.

They lost some loved ones, just like most families during the war. They lost all source of livelihood when they moved to another village for shelter.

The war, the war, Oh the war… (to be continued)




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