Her Husband’s Ex 1

Getting married is one of the most fulfilling moment and experience in life, for some people 😃.  OK, but for people from the eastern part of Nigeria and also Nigerians as a whole. It is a much-awaited stage of life when a young man or lady gets married to their heartthrob,  with blessing and consent of parents of both parties.


Ike has lived all his life abroad, studied abroad, worked abroad and even married abroad to a foreign woman. She was foreign because she come from another part of the world, foreign to the culture of her husband’s people, foreign to their language, foreign to his people and even foreign because she wasn’t married the Igbo way.

Their love was made in heaven, it was the envy of friends, family and relations. Their love grew and grew every beautiful day, she was slim and curvy, he was tall, handsome and muscular. As far as they were concerned, they were good together.

Everything was planned together, finance, holidays, studies, career and all other mutual activities.

On the 21st of January 2006, was a beautiful day for the love birds, that day, they had their court marriage, witnessed by friends and some family in their new country. That day they became husband and wife.

Their love was bitter sweet, maybe because of the cultural and language differences. They had people which usually resulted in arguments. It was difficult for them to understand themselves for reasons beyond their understanding.  They struggled everyday to understand themselves but they didn’t give up on each other.

Few years later, Iyke got the shock of his life as he got home that evening, awaiting him on the table was a …to be continued




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