An International Student in Sweden 1

Living as a student in Sweden is a great experience but you need to understand how to manage your finances well. Sweden is one of the most expensive countries in the world.


As a student, you need to have your plans on how to live comfortably and spend wisely so you can still have money on your account.

1. Cut off unnecessary spending. Don’t spend too much for unnecessary things you don’t need. Buy what is necessary and needed.

2. Cook your food. Don’t keep buying food every day from restaurants. It is expensive for a student to maintain that kind of lifestyle in Sweden.

3. Don’t spend so much on parties. Beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks are not cheap in Sweden. Most discos charge an entrance fee which you can not keep paying for every week. It is not cheap either.

4. If you are a fashion girl, try to stay from HM, LINDEX, MANGO, ZARA, and other designers shops in Sweden. Staying away or looking away will save you some money just like me.

Remember do not fight or hit anybody most especially women. Stealing and crime are not allowed here. Do not drink too much in the disco. If you are drunk, the Vakt police will take you to the rehabilitation centre where you can spend some days.

Sweden is a very beautiful country but it is very very expensive. You will see a lot of beautiful things here. A lot of beautiful places to visit. Expensive hotels, boutiques, apartments and restaurants. You will love every path of the country but please keep your credit or debit card in lock down 😁



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