Life of an International Student in Sweden 2

In whatever you do, there are dos and don’ts. So I will let you know what you need to do while in Sweden if you are a student.


Sweden has its rules and regulations. They have their way of doing things too, whether it fits you or not, you must adopt or integrate with it. That way you will enjoy your stay in Sweden.

1. Always have your bus or train tickets before you get on the bus or train. They don’t joke with it. You can be charged some thousand Kroner if you don’t have your tickets.

2. Be in time. Get to the bus station on time. Get to school on time. Be in time for your lectures or any appointment or gathering. Time is very important to the swedes.

3. If you live in an apartment like Kopparstaden remember to pay your rent on time. Keep your apartment and surrounding neat especially after using the laundry room or the study room.

4. If you have registered with the student union and paid your dues, you can visit the student union disco when you feel bored or want to meet people and make new friends. It is free only for students who paid their semester dues. Remember to bring with you an identity card preferably your passport.

5. Sweden is a nice and fun filled country when you meet the right people or friends. Be happy, have fun, make friends, have some fika, talk to someone, enjoy your stay. 😘😘

Hint: you can talk to me if you feel like talking to someone or if you need some information. I will gladly answer you.



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