It’s the Vikings summer

Finally after a long wait for summer and good warm weather, the temperature is now favourable. With lovely weather and sunny days, I am happy to start my holidays.


A Viking rock with inscriptions at Arlanda Airport

So which country is good for a safe and lovely holiday? Suggestions please.


I took a walk around Stockholm Central Station to see and feel how the city looks like during summer. I saw and meet a lot of people mostly tourists and people from the northern and southern part of Sweden who travelled down to Stockholm for holidays. Stockholm is a lively city. You always see people outside from one corner of the city to another.


Anyways I am not doing any shopping even with some stores attracting me with their REA prices. Things are very expensive in Stockholm, no doubt it is the capital and one of the best City in the world. But if you are careful with your spending then you can survive here in Stockholm. Okay. So next I have to get ready for the holidays but first to where?:D


Stockholm centralen



A portrait inside Rica hotel



Rica hotel in Stockholm




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