First Semester Results

I am patiently waiting for the results of my first semester courses; Dynamics of African society which is the main course, Religion and Politics in Africa, and Education and Change in Africa.


The courses were not so easy for me because this environment and type of learning are different from what I was used to in my home country and also I am not a historian. But all the same, I am happy that I took the courses and they were eye opening for me.
I have already seen my result for Religion and Politics in Africa but I won’t post my grade here (no way), I hope the two remaining courses will come out with nice grades. I will use this opportunity to thank all my course mates for the information I learnt from them especially my methodology group, Erika, David, Mattia, Babatunde and Mantis. I learnt from your questions, arguments and discussions in the class, during a seminar and on Facebook. Not forgetting Ioanna Sali, Paolo, Iva, Mariana, Ulrika, Ossie and others. I am grateful.


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