What to eat in Sweden

I will write about the food and how to get your food here. First of all, swedes are very good to cook and do good meal irrespective of the gender {male♀} so if you are thinking of eating good food here in Sweden don’t worry you will have lots to eat and also drink if you feel for it.

When you are here don’t forget to try their bread, cakes and buns because the Swedes can bake. You will end up spending your money to buy the baked foods. I bet you. I can’t get my eyes off them whenever I enter the supermarkets and I make sure I have buy enough that will last for one week but unfortunately I end up eating it after 2-3 days. So you can imagine!

Again you find a lot of fruits and vegetables if you are a vegetarian and you love to eat fruits. Don’t worry you will find a lot here. I love fruits and I have done justice to that here in Sweden.

They have very sweet potatoes, meatballs, fresh mushrooms, fish, a lot of seafood, cheese. Swedes love cheese and I love it too. But I have been looking for this ‘smelling fish’ that tastes so sweet but smells so awful which they usually allow to rotten before you can eat it. My friends told me to try it, it is only here in Sweden you find this fish. I will be glad to try it as soon as I find it. It makes you Swedish though.

Also, make sure you try this food when you are here because you will never forget the experience. Yeah, I mean it.

Biff à la Lindstrom
Toast Skagen
Gravad lax
Stekt strömming

Even if you can’t pronounce it just write it in a paper and give them they will serve you the food immediately. But please remember to write to me about your experience. You can also find many good restaurants in the centre of the city; Centrum. Yes, there is a good restaurant in the school and there you can also find these food. I promise to share some pictures of the restaurant in my next post. Did I tell you that it is cheap?  Yes. It is. I will give you more information on the next post.

You can buy your food here in Falun from ICA Supermarket and WILLYS Supermarket they are very close to the Student house in Bristen. They have really nice food you can buy so you don’t have to worry about the food because you will get more than you bargained for.
I love the food here but I still miss the food back home in Nigeria(African soup and garri or pounded yam) lol. But I heard from my Nigerian sisters that I can find our food in Stockholm. I plan to go there one of these days to find the restaurant and settle this my appetite for now. Wish me luck!





I enjoyed my meal. ‘I de tell you’

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